03 October, 2006

3rd Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival : Fijian Valenikuro Menu

The following is the menu for the Fijian kitchen at the Valenikuro Food Fair where the 14 provinces of Fiji will be preparing and selling their traditional culinary specialties (food) from the 4th to 11th of October, 2006 at the old Netball ground beside the Fiji Museum : Provinces :
  • Wednesday, 4 October 2006, 11am-3pm, Bua, Cakaudrove, Lomaiviti;
  • Thursday, 5 October 2006, 11am-3pm, Macuata, Naitasiri, Kadavu;
  • Friday, 6 October 2006, 11am-3pm, Cakaudrove,Rewa, Tailevu;
  • Saturday, 7 October 2006, 11am-3pm, Navatuvula, Naitasiri;
  • Monday, 9 October 2006, 11am-3pm, Ba, Lau, Ra;
  • Tuesday, 10 October 2006, 11am-3pm, Nadroga/Navosa, Namosi;
  • Wednesday, 11 October 2006, 11am-3pm, Ba, Rewa, Lau.

Menu :

  • Cakaudrove - dalo, nama, ika (miti & Kokoda), dairo, vasua, kaikoso, etc;
  • Bua - Katavatu, Qari, Ota, Rourou, Vakalolo, Ika ( Miti & Kokoda), Dalo;
  • Macuata - Kawai, ika (miti & Kokoda), qari, kai, vasua;
  • Lau - Soloi mai Ono, vakasakera, kai valitaba, vuki tavu, sasalu ni waitui, vudi vakasoso, dairo;
  • Naitasiri - Dalo, ura, ota, duna, rourou;
  • Lomaiviti - Vakalolo(Sakuidrauna), pasela (ika,dalo,moli), miti waitui, kai valitaba vakalolo, bele sukau vakalolo/ika, baigani tavu/vakamiti, rourou palusami, kokoda;
  • Nadroga/Navosa - kai (curry lolo), kai vadamu, ika (miti,tavuteke,vakalolo/rourou), ika (kaveti olo/baigani;
  • Rewa - Rourou vakautona, moci, dio, kai, lausua;
  • Kadavu - Dalo, sasalu ni waitui, ika (miti & kokoda), ate ni kojia, dairo, lumi coko, ibo, vasua, kai loa, vakalolo (doloyaca), yaqona;

To try out some Fijian delicacies and traditionally cooked food, visit the food fair any day during the festival.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh I'm sure that food list needs some translations - and I laughed about the kawai (small 2nd rate yams)from Macuata, so why not lots of maoli dada (over-ripe pawpaw)from Lau and curried bakhri (goat) from Kadavu!
Sobo, I'd love to be at this festival. It looks a terrific program.

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Bula, Wendy. I thought that it might need translation myself. But anyway, I'm glad there are people out there like you who can help translating it. Thank you for being an avid reader of my blog. Regards. Gilbert