20 September, 2006

Josephine Yee Joy credits St Joseph's School

Attending St Joseph's Secondary School was a truly enriching experience for a young Chinese girl because a lot of the knowledge acquired as a student helped to be the successful executive she is today. Josephine Yee Joy is the Executive General Manager Corporate Support at the country's national airline, Air Pacific, but it was back in 1966 that she entered St Joseph's Secondary School at Waimanu Road, Suva, as a third form student. She spent three years there for forms three to five and left in 1968 to complete her high school education and tertiary studies in the United States of America. As Ms Yee Joy says her high school days were one of the best times in her life because she was able to make a lot of friends. She said she was forever grateful for the education she received and other things she learnt from the nuns at the school, who had a lot of influence on her personal and career life. "I am truly grateful for the education I received, the attributes I acquired and learnt which have had a significant impact on my corporate life and achievements", said Ms Yee Joy. "I have had the benefit of being doubly influenced in my life by the sisters of St Joseph's de Cluny, with the privilege of attending both St Joseph's Primary School and St Joseph's Secondary School. At the time, the primary school was where the Reserve Bank stands today". Ms Yee Joy said she was very proud of being a scholar at St Joseph's because it was quite a prestigious school that was known for academic achievements. That fact in itself was enough to push students in attaining better educational results as all wanted to maintain the reputation of the school. Apart from the great friendships she made, a drawcard for her was the uniform, which came complete with a beret and a necktie. "I think I can tie a necktie better than some men and have had to assist some men in straightening theirs", Ms Yee Joy said. "I pay tribute to the Sisters especially and the teachers who taught me and who have contributed to my success". Ms Yee Joy and her three sisters all attended the high school. She said they were all looking forward to attending the School's Golden Jubilee which runs this week from Friday, 22, to Sunday, 24 September. To read more of Ms Yee Joy's story, check the Fiji Times today on www.fijitimes.com.fj.

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