30 September, 2006

3rd Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival - Rain fails to dampen Vanuatu spirit

The rainy weather in Suva has not dampened the enthusiasm of a 60-member delegation from Vanuatu that arrived yesterday for the 3rd Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival. The group's enthusiasm for the festival was matched by that of its government, which chartered a plan to bring the delegation to Fiji. A Vanuatu government representative said the delegation was ready to showcase what they brought from the four main islands of Vanuatu. Vanuatu has a special custom dance which they would be performing apart from other dances that had been prepared by a number of cultural dance groups who are part of the delegation. A special kind of artwork for which Vanuatu is known for is sand drawing. This would also be exhibited during the week. The traditional way of preparing food would be the highlight of the Vanuatu kitchen. The Solomon Islands delegation also arrived yesterday.

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