01 August, 2006

Suva City Council sees "Fiji Darling Harbour"

Reclamation work will begin by year-end at a Suva foreshore spot for that could be Fiji's Darling Harbour, according to the Suva City Council. The Council said among a few highlights of the project would be upmarket buildings like apartments, retail outlets, a marina and an artificial beach. The Council's aim is "to make the project the Darling Harbour of Suva where people get lots of room to move around in without having to travel far from Suva". Earlier this year, the Council sold 15 acres of its Suva foreshore property to the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF). The FNPF is currently expanding its property asset base in certain areas adjacent to Suva's central business district where it believes there is tremendous potential in the near future. The Fund had earlier purchased the Grand Pacific Hotel and the Holiday Inn which also lie on the Suva foreshore. These new buildings are expected to make more changes to the Suva skyline in addition to buildings currently being built such as the Tapoos City, the MH Plaza, the MidCity Complex, the Kadavu Provincial Council building, the Great Council of Chief complex and the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority complex. Note : For those visiting Suva, a two bedroom home can be viewed and booked with links at the right hand side of this blog or call direct +679 3396427; e-mail gilbert@connect.com.fj. A 20% discount off the rate per night is being offered for the months of August and September 2006. See earlier post in this blog.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What has been done to clean up the western edge of Suva past Lami because visitors to Suva have to hold their breath when passing the tip - with a Welcome to Suva sign opposite - or has that been attended to by now?
PS Sorry to add one negative thought to your very positive postings about Suva!

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Bula, Wendy. The last I heard was that the authorities were working on the area to make it ready for a huge complex to be developed by the Fiji Institute of Technology as a campus. I hear it will also have retirement homes for the supposedly well-off elderly.