19 August, 2006

Council undecided about old bridge

Authorities still have not decided what to do with the 70 year old Rewa Bridge. Nausori Town Council said the bridge was still the property of Government. Many meetings with Government were conducted where Government officials promised that they would do an economic study first before they decided the bridge's future. The town council had proposed to turn the breach into a shopping mall or flea market. The idea came up after town councillors realised the old bridge would still remain with some pedestrians still using the old bridge.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

A flea market? What a great idea, but if there's a wind and the sulus and shirts fall into the water, who's going to dive in to get them back?
I'm sure people will still want to use it as a walking bridge because apparently the new one might not be safe for school-children who cross to go to their schools with trucks and cars rushing by.

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Bula, Wendy. Perhaps the Nausori Town Council also have divers ready or there might be an emergency 911 number! Whatever use they find of the old bridge, the last we all want to see is that it be done away with. It has contributed a lot of Fiji's history and most of us can only wish that it remain as a symbol of history, development and hope. Hope that you visit Suva soon. Perhaps you will enjoy the new extensions and upgrading at Nausori Airport and fly direct to Nausori, rather than through Nadi. There are already direct flights to Nausori by Air Pacific from Sydney and from a city in NZ. I think all these developments will open up more business opportunities and tourism potential for the Central Division and the greater Suva area, particularly so for business people who wish to throw in a tour of the sites and sounds and the culture of Fiji from the eastern part of the island of Viti Levu. Gilbert