06 August, 2006

Adi Litia Mara's wedding dress to go on display

The wedding dress of Adi Litia Mara, daughter of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara (former Prime Minister and President of Fiji) and Ro Lady Lala Mara, will go on display at the Fiji Museum in Suva from next week. The dress is made entirely from masi (traditional tapa cloth), a fabric hand made from the bark of the mulberry tree and its texture resembles fine lace. Adi Litia wore the dress when she married Harry Dugdale of England. The dress, which has since the wedding been in storage at one of the former President's home, will now go on display at the Contemporary Art section of the Museum. Adi Litia's dress created a trend in the use of masi to make wedding dresses and most young women who get married today tend to have the same contemporary design and look to their wedding dresses.

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