18 July, 2006

Visiting rabbis touched by the "Fiji Way"

Fiji is a perfect model of the way the world should be, say members of the Habad Organisation who are at present visiting the country. In a press conference yesterday, Rabbi Berel, said his team had come with a mission to relay a message of peace and prosperity. "Fiji serves as a role model to the rest of the world", he said. Rabbi Berel said they had been on the streets since they arrived in Fiji and noted that the people are so friendly and that the hospitality of the people was just tremendous. The Australia-based group said compared to visits to other countries, their visit to Fiji was different in that the majority of the locals they met were Christians. Another member of the group, Rabbi Menbel said since they arrived, they noticed that a majority of people were very strong believers and had a lot of respect for the Israelites and the Jewish people. "The people here are so kind and it's very touching to see that most locals believe in God", Rabbi Menbel said. "People are so happy and they don't need great luxuries to be happy. There is just this inner happiness and contentment with the Fijian people basically showing that God has been their source of happiness".


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Goodwill tours are useful but the participants are sometimes naive and do not see pain behind the smiles. Hospitality in Fiji, yes, is usually excellent, but it takes a long time for real dialogue to take place at a meaningful level. We have inter-faith programs here and I am joining a women's group next week.
Of course good-will is complicated at present by events in Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

I sat by the sea wall yesterday looking out into the harbour as the orange sun sunk behind the greenish mountains, the sky had a blueish red stain and there were tiny mists of clouds outlining the skies. I am content with in Fiji. Having visitors coming to Fiji and being touched by our beauty and warmth speaks more about our soul then the geographical space called Fiji.