23 July, 2006

Suva Museum haunted

The Fiji Museum based in Suva is supposedly haunted. This was revealed by Sela Rayawa, Chief Librarian and Registrar of the Museum, in an interview in the Sunday Times today. Rayawa, who has worked for 36 years at the museum, said staff often heard Fijian chants, seen skeletons crawling and heard doors bang. He said the chants could be heard when everyone is working quietly. Rayawa said that he once heard a sound coming from the storage room (where about 20,000 artifacts are kept. When he went to check, he heard the sounds had turned into a Fijian chant but could not make out which dialect it was in. He said that with the museum being storage for ancient artifacts, such things were bound to happen. For tours, please call the Fiji on Museum telephone +679 3315944, e-mail fijimuseum@connect.com.fj or visit www.fijimuseum.org.fj.

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