17 July, 2006

Rewans give F$200,000

A multi-million dollar infrastructure development, growing capital works, investments and small business schemes all built around a comprehensive information network should greatly uplift living standards in Rewa. A three-day fundraising drive ended over the weekend, generating over F$200,000.00, half of which is to go towards a scholarship trust for students from the province. The culmination of Rewa Week on Saturday saw the launch of the province's website and a project designed to help potential entrepreneurs. Part of the strategic development plan for the province formulated last year sees 10 kilometers of roads being upgraded and two bridges to link the Vutia and Rewa districts at Nasali. There were a lot of Fijian handicraft items on sale during the fundraising on Saturday which provided an opportunity for tourists, and other visitors alike, to buy items are much reduced prices compared to those at the usual handicraft shops.

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