15 July, 2006

Protection of the Pacific Environment Roundtable

The scope for Regional Directives aimed at Protection of the Pacific Environment. An Informal Roundtable discussion. Participants :
  • Roberto Ridolfi, Head of Delegation of the Commission of the European Union for the Pacific;
  • Peter Forau, Deputy General Secretary, Pacific Islands Forum;
  • Cristelle Pratt, Director, South Pacific Geoscience Commission;
  • Leon Zann, Director Marine Studies Program, University of the South Pacific;
  • Professor Ron Duncan, Executive Director, Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Development and Governance.

Date and time : 20 July, 2006, 6pm to 8pm;

Venue : Marine Studies Lecture Theatre, Lower Laucala Campus, University of the South Pacific.

The Pacific states face unique problems in moving towards greater regional cooperation, which are not exclusively economic or security-related. Although the coming together of the European states over the last half century is unlikely to bear strong comparison with the future experience of the Pacific states, one area where useful lessons can be learned is with regard to usage of enforceable region-wide directives. The Pacific states clearly have a strong common interest in environmental protection. What would be required for the Pacific states to cede some degree of sovereignty in addressing environmental issues? Could such directives become enforceable? Would the establishment of stronger cooperation in this area prove a catalyst for greater regional collaboration in other areas of mutual interest?

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