03 July, 2006

Pizza Hut opens in Suva

International food chain, KFC, has started up the worldwide Pizza Hut franchise in Suva, five years after KFC opened here. A Pizza Hut outlet will open this Thursday for business at the newly-built KFC complex at Centrepoint, Laucala Beach Estate. A senior KFC executive said there are plans to open more outlets around the country. A second KFC outlet is also located next to the Pizza Hut outlet at Centrepoint. The outlets will open from 9am to 11pm daily.


Anonymous said...

KFC yerrrk please close ur store... the qulaity is really bad plus the service. small coakroaches are all around especilly in Suva City... Chicke taste yerk.. too much batter on chicken... dont make us fool.... KFC... Kant fry Chickens

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

I went to the Suva one just after it opened and was not impressed with the quality of the food. It's not the same as the KFC's we come across overseas.

I haven't been there since.