05 July, 2006

Pacific people need education

Pacific people need the tools of Western education to be able to compete on equal terms with the world beyond their shores, according to Fiji's Vice President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, speaking at the opening of the first Pacific Epistemological Conference at the University of the South Pacific on Monday. Ratu Joni said that there was no similar structured forms to immerse Pacific islanders in their own cultural and customary contexts as a counter veiling influence. "Unless, we collectively commit ourselves to reconstructing or refashioning our own epitemology, the risk is that others will define us", he said. Ratu Joni said the achievement of defining a person was a sense of autonomy and self-assuredness that accompanied the ability to discern the patterns of the past, present and future term. See the List of Upcoming Events in Suva in this blog for a list of events that are scheduled during the Conference.

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