12 July, 2006

Oceania Dance Festival on later July

The Oceania Dance Festival will be held in Suva from Wednesday, 26 July, to Friday, 28 July. The festival will reinforce Pacific identity as well as display some of the Pacific's best dancers, as styles and skills will combine to bring together what is probably going to be the biggest meeting of dancers in the South Pacific. The idea behind the festival is that it be the first "fusion" festival with a fusion of genres and styles and a fusion of contemporary and traditional dance. Apart from free public performances by over 80 performers, the festival will also feature collaborations, workshops and seminars. The workshops will be run by academics from the Auckland University's dance department and from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. A USP based Samoan choreographer will also conduct a piece in collaboration with Indonedian dancer Indra Utama. Performances to watch include works from New Zealanders Kathy Livermoore, Cat Gwynne and Megan Sayer-Roberts. Some of the local talent to be highlighted include Pelu Fatiaki, Katalina Fotofili, Ateca Ravuvu, Sinu Naulumatua, Tulevu Tora and Faraz Ali. Organisations which will take part include the Multi-Ethnic Cultural Centre and the Pacific Harbour Centre for Arts and Culture. The aim of the festival is to develop the infrastructure of dance in Fiji to allow the country's dance industry to grow. The organisers hope to have the festival continue as a bi-annual event to be hosted around other Pacific Island countries. Note : For those coming to Suva, a two bedroom home can be viewed and booked with links at the right hand side of this blog or call direct +679 3396427; e-mail gilbert@connect.com.fj.

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