16 July, 2006

Naval exercises for Indian warship

The Indian naval vessel, INS Tabar, will hold exercises with the Fiji Navy as it leaves Suva harbour today after a two day visit. The exercises would be search and rescue and anti-piracy related. The 125-metre long Tabar is a Talwar class frigate commissioned in Kalinigrad, Russia, in April 2004. The ship has 30 officers and 300 crew. The Indian Navy said that they had begun training sessions with the Fiji Navy and would continue to do so at every opportunity in future. While berthed at the Kings Wharf in Suva, people took the chance to tour the ship, which is fitted with modern technology and weaponry. The vessel has anti-ship and anti-submarine torpedoes, 100 mm calibre guns for surface targets, SAM missiles, heavy artillery, 12-barrel anti-submarine rocket launchers and a range of hard and soft kills measures. The INS Tabar's home port is Mumbai, India.

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