08 July, 2006

Keep your identity : Princess Anne

Fijians should keep their cultural identification as it reflects the nature of the local people, said the Princess Royal while addressing politicians, diplomats and chiefs yesterday. Princess Anne told the audience that the Fijian traditional ceremony accorded to her was the same one performed in 1980 when she came to celebrate 10 years of Fiji's independence. "It is a great pleasure to be in this beautiful country of yours once again. I have very strong memories of my visit in 1980 with the welcoming ceremony having no difference at all to this one. Except that in 1980, it was hot compared to today". Princess Anne thanked the people of the three confederacies Kubuna, Burebasaga and Tovata for their generous welcome - highlighted during the traditional ceremony. "Although it has been a very long time since I last came, some things have not changed and one of it, is your culture and the way you present your traditional ceremony. This should not change at all as it reflects the kind of tradition Fiji has. It also reflects the kind of people here and that is something people, who travel from far, always look forward to seeing. Your unique culture and traditional ceremony is also respected by travellers who come from far countries", said the Princess. She encouraged people to continue with their work in keeping the tradition that identifies them. The Princess ends her visit today visiting other special institutions before flying out to New Zealand.

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