11 July, 2006

Institute to introduce study of culture

The Fiji Institute of Technology is looking at introducing the study of Fijian culture and tradition in its School of Culture, Arts and Design at Vatuwaqa to document, preserve, practise and promote the authenticity of the Fijian culture. The purpose of the proposed program is to maximise the roles of the School of Culture, Arts and Design to provide an educational avenue in the study of culture for the young generation. The School said the program would facilitate the study of culture, its influence and its integration in modern society. The scope to be covered will include learning past practices, rituals, dances, stories and other aspects of culture.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Excellent! Do you think they'd employ an old girl with a Masters in Ethnomusicology who knows a bit about field world and collecting meke, vakalutuivoce, vucu, and so on! No. They can do their own collecting and don't need vavalagi 'experts' any more!
At least they could check out an old thesis in the Pacific Collection on Labasa music!