19 June, 2006

Sunday markets prove a success for local products

The monthly ROC Market in Suva is good business and has proven popular with people. Market organiser, John Philp, said it was a tremendous success since its beginnings in 2000. There are 50 stalls at the market and local products are actively encouraged. Mr Philp said many stall offers were turned down because they wanted local-based products as much as possible. Amongst the most popular are handmade jewellery and other decorations. A coconut art seller, Donald Bruce, said he had a staff at the market in the spirit of the ROC Market event that brought people together promoting local artwork. Mr Bruce does not really care if he made money, saying he decorated coconuts by inserting other plants into them as a hobby. The ROC Market in Suva is held on the third Sunday of every month. Visit it the next time, it is on.

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