29 June, 2006

Pacific artists gathering in Suva next week

One of the biggest gatherings of Pacific Islands artists, musicians and scholars is set to take place during the first Pacific Epistemologies Conference in July. Hosted by the University of the South Pacific at its Laucala Bay Campus in Suva from 3 to 7 July, the conference dubbed Vaka Vuku-Navigating Knowledge, brings together 150 delegates from New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the Northern Pacific region. Aside from the presentation of papers, a Pacific film and arts festival will be among the highlights of the week. Conference director, Larry Thomas, said the idea emerged in 2004 when former head of USP's literature and language department, Professor Subramani and other academics raised the need for a forum to discuss issues relevant to the Pacific. Assistant director, Josefa Tuwere, said the event would allow Pacific scholars to discuss different ways and manners of approaching Pacific knowledge as compared to European knowledge. The forum sponsored by NZAID will coincide with the Pacific Arts and Film Festival. A play called Vula, directed by Fiji New Zealander Nina Nawalowalo and a film, No 2 by Samoan New Zealander writer and director, Toa Fraser, will be shown along with other Pacific-based films. Malanga, a music by Samoan New Zealander Igelese Ete which explores religion, identity and movements in a creative style will also be among the highlights. Note from GV : July and August has a lot of activities scheduled for Suva. For those that may need accommodation in Suva, pls click on the links on the right hand side of this blog for details on a two bedroom furnished rental in Suva. Note, however, that the home is booked up to and including 26 July 2006. Any bookings past that date can be accepted. Our direct contacts are telephone +679 3396427 or e-mail gilbert@connect.com.fj.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Isa lei, I really want to be there at this conference and initially contacted the organisers, but sobosobo, sa maka na lavo! Talatala Peceli is going to Fiji in a couple of weeks and I will stay home and tend to the garden! It looks to be a great conference and associated art exhibitions, plays, films. I hope they get good press coverage. This is much more interesting than the shinanegins of politicians!

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Very good opportunity for us in Suva, Wendy. I would try to get some digital photos of some of the displays on my blog, if they allow that. Again, thank you for reading my blog. Just note that I have another one for those interesting to invest in Fiji on http://investinfiji.blogspot.com/ Regards. Gilbert