25 June, 2006

An Chef from India in Suva

Amrad Lal Dhanki was born in Porbandar, Gujarat, India 52 years ago. He developed an interest in cooking by watching his uncle do it in his own kitchen. When he decided to learn the trade, his first cooking job was at the age of 26 in a small cafe in Gujarat. He came to Fiji in July 2005 to work to look after his wife and two children in Gujarat. He speaks Gujarati and has difficulty understanding Fiji-Hindi. At Govinda Restaurant, Amrad works from 7am to 7pm every day. He does not tire of his work because he knows that his family in Gujarat depend entirely on him for money. He has not had any formal training in the kitchen and all that he knows is by learning on the job and by experimenting. Amrad likes Fiji and says that people are very friendly. He has adapted well in his new environment and gets on well with the rest of the crew in the kitchen. He likes Fiji food and has learnt how to cook food the Fiji way. He has worked in various resorts in India and at a restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, for two years. If you want to try out one of Amrad's dishes, visit the Govinda Restaurant at Marks Street or at the Sports City complex, Laucala Bay, both in Suva. Govinda Restaurant serves various types of Indian dishes. They are open six days a week.

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