09 June, 2006

Aussie Style Chicken and Burgers eatery at Laucala Beach

Tucked away in the heart of the Vinod Patel Arcade at Centerpoint, Laucala Beach, is the new Aussie Style Chicken and Burgers eatery. The eatery is getting to be an attraction for customers given its unique taste, great service and clean environment. The bistro offers food lovers succulent juicy pieces of tender chicken, flavoured with a secret recipe. Hot crunchy chips, fresh pizza and vegetable and chicken wraps are also on the menu. There are also specials like fish and chips, chicken packs, salad wraps and Indian dishes prepared according to demand. Confined within this arcade, the eatery is an ideal location for a morning snack, a quick coffee or a steaming hot lunch. The close proximity of a DVD outlet, fashion shops, a photography studio and Internet cafe adds to the appeal of the eatery and the arcade. Fresh fruit, cakes and ice cream are also served. Also offerred are a variety of vegetarian dishes. Centerpoint at Laucala Beach is becoming a mini-town area with the construction and almost completion of a new KFC outlet and Pizza Hut at the area right next to the RB Patel shopping centre and right along the main Kings Road. Wishbone Chicken has been operating on the other side at the Vinod Patel building for years. Wishbone also has a fully stocked bar for those who wish for a drink. If you want to dine out or try something different, try out the eateries or the bar in the area.

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