22 June, 2006

An American Professor's experience in Fiji

Associate Professor, Josh Boyd, who is in Suva with a Texas-based group to help locals with English conversation skills has already been to the country before after visiting Fiji on a holiday 13 years ago. Professor Boyd said "when I was informed of our coming over, I was excited. Thirteen years ago I came in for a holiday enjoying the sea and the other sites. Visiting Fiji again now in an educational way will be more fulfilling than just seeing sites and enjoying the great weather and the friendly people." Apart from visiting countries, Boyd says they learn new things about the places they are assigned to such as the local language, the way people live, the culture and the local people's daily chores. The group that Boyd is part of hopes that in leaving Fiji they would have met and made more friends. The group leaves Fiji on 24 July with another group to visit in October. For those that wish to visit Fiji, perhaps an option would be a working visit such as that by the Texas-based group. That will definitely enable you to interact on a more personal level with locals and learn more than you would staying on holiday at a hotel/resort.

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