19 May, 2006

Qarase sworn in as Prime Minister

Laisenia Qarase was yesterday sworn in again as Prime Minister after securing a majority of seats in the 2006 Fiji General Elections. Mr Qarase commands a 38 seat majority compared to the Fiji Labour Party coalition's 33 seats in the 71-seat House of Representatives. In accordance with the Constitution, Mr Qarase has offered 7 cabinet positions to the Fiji Labour Party in a 17 member cabinet. Response from the Labour Party is now being awaited before Qarase announces his Cabinet later Sunday. During the election period, we have been putting in posts on progress during the elections. As this has now been concluded, we will return to the focus of our blog which looks at promoting Suva as a tourist destination. Any readers that wish to have information put up on the blog or wish to talk about their experiences in Suva can do so by e-mailing me their contribution to gilbert@connect.com.fj.

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