25 May, 2006

More on the celebrations to commemorate Ratu Sukuna

On Sunday, there will be a special service at the Centenary Church, Suva, to commemorate Ratu Sukuna's life with celebrations culminating with a march from the Flea Market in Suva ending up at Albert Park. At the park, there will be speeches and performances by various cultural groups. Ratu Sukuna is considered by many as the father of modern Fiji. He was a chief, scholar, soldier and statesman being the first indigenous Fijian to have furthered himself in all these fields. Ratu Sukuna fought in the French Foreign Legion during World War I and was the first Fijian to obtain a University degree. At home, he laid the groundwork for self-government by fostering the development of modern institutions in Fiji, like the Native Land Trust Board. Although he died years before independence from the United Kingdom in 1970, his vision set the course that Fiji was to follow in the years to come.

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peceliandwendy said...

I posted something about Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna on our blogsite yesterday. He is the hero of many Fijians.