03 May, 2006

Local singer, Jese Mucunabitu, launches CD

Well-known local singer, Jese Mucunabitu, launched a CD made up of old Fijian songs at the United Club last Friday night. The singer, whose voice is distinctly known over the radio without the need of mentioning his name, celebrated the launch of his latest CD with family and close friends. This is Mucunabitu's 6th album. Mucunabitu said that the CD was made up of old songs which have been given an upbeat and modern tempo to liven them up. The CD was played throughout the night as guests got first dibs at listening to the new CD before members of the public got a chance. The CD can be bought directly from The Floating Restaurant in Suva where Jese Mucunabitu performs. We will provide a bit more detail on the songs available on this CD and the price in a later post.

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Ma said...

Congratulations Gilbert & Jese.I love his music & lukin forward to purchasing a copy!