12 May, 2006

Local artist shows talent

The paintings of homegrown talent, Fred Whippy, will be on display after 21 years. The exhibition will be at the Alliance Francais today. Born in Lautoka, Mr Whippy's first exhibit was in the United States in 1964 and the last one in the country 25 years ago. With no formal artistic training, Mr Whippy became the country's best known artistic talent to date. In 1964, he was the only exhibit internationally with his pastel cuts travelling around North America where every single piece was sold. In 1971, French airline sponsored a showing of Mr Whippy's work in oil in Los Angeles. When he returned a year later, there was a queue of collectors waiting for his pastels with his experiment on oil. Mr Whippy won second prize at the Smith Art Prize in 1972 and the Carlton Brewery Fine Art Award in 1973, 1980 and 2003. He captures the essence of Fijian village life with women doing pottery, fishing, woodfire cooking and meke.


Anonymous said...

I love Fred Whippy`s work. His early works are beautiful and timeless. A very interesting man to speak to too. I wish I had bought more of his work during my time in Fiji. Why has there never been an exhibition of his work in Europe?

Anonymous said...

I met Mr Whippy many years ago when he lived in Suva. I agree, his paintings from this period were beautiful. Unfortunately I could only afford to buy one 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I met Mr Whippy 5 years ago while on holiday in Fiji. He was sitting in the local market in Lautoka with friends! He still paints and still does great work (one of which I bought). He told me that he moved to Lautoka after the death of his mother many years ago.
A great man! A great artist! Very nice person!

maude elbourne said...

Thank you all for your comments about my uncle Fred Whippy and his art.
Fred recently took ill and has been in hospital for several weeks.
He was very happy to hear that his work still brings joy and interest to many people both here in Fiji and around the world. Although he has not been able to work in recent months to August(09) several of his oils and pastels completed before he took ill will be exhibited at Creativiti's coming exhibition 'Art on the Island' in September at Denarau.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr Whippy is much better and has recovered from his bout of sickness. I am sorry to hear about his recent sickness and wish him all the best. He still paints! That I know from contacts in Fiji! Hang on in there Fred! The world needs artists like you man!

Max Columbus said...

Hey Bula Fred,How you doing Blood?
It's been many years since I've seen you, I still remember all the good times we had all those memories are still in my mind.I still have the painting you did for me of Jesus Christ in 1979. Get well soon Blood, and God Bless you.
Max Columbus.