18 May, 2006

Kava consumption on the high during the elections

Look around you over the past two weeks and you will find most people with blood red eyes while some seem to spot much drier skin, a result of drinking kava during the election period. While elections and party officials have been consuming kava during the election process, consumption was on a high during the counting period at the party sheds outside the election centres and also at homes around the country while the members of the public awaited election results. The dry and cold spell which is starting to set in seems to have made a contribution to the early set in of dry lips and skin - an obvious result of the consumption of kava in significant quantities. During the period, kava dealers have said that there was brisk trading in their businesses. Two more things that would sell well now would be skin moisturisers/coconut oil and lip balms. Only in Fiji!

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