31 May, 2006

Fiji lifestyle publication hits the streets

A new magazine, Living in Fiji, hit the streets yesterday showcasing a different side of life in the islands. The quarterly publication is dedicated to lifestyle in the Fiji and sets a new standard for local publications. The magazine's creative director, Shiri Ram, said that "All too often in the local and international media, the focus is on two different Fijis - one is the tourism industry ideal of beautiful sandy beaches, and the other is the developing country with pothole-ridden roads and rampant crime. Some in the midst of this lies another Fiji that the people living in this country have carved out for themselves. This other Fiji is the one that the magazine highlights in its pages. The first issue of the magazine includes features on interiors and architecture, fashion and beauty, fishing and motoring, cuisine and wine, as well as local success stories. Mr Ram believes its general interest stories will speak to both men and women from different backgrounds. The artistic cover features a model wearing accessories from Fiji's two main cultures and represents a coming together of both. It also mirrors fusion of different cultures, tastes and points of view that is reflected in the magazine's coverage. In keeping with the aim to create a world-class publication with 100% local lifestyle content, Living in Fiji has maintained a high standard of quality in photography, design and writing. Living in Fiji emulates the feel of high-end coffee table publications. The magazine is targeted at the 20 plus career professional and available for F$7.75 through MH stores and Mobil service stations.


torika said...

Bula vinaka Gilbert,

Thanks for posting this information. I am keen to see this new magazine.

Do you know if they have a website? I would like to get in contact with the Editor. If anyone has a copy of the magazine and has the Editor's email address, I would really appreciate it.


Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Bula Torika. They do not have a website at the moment but I believe they are currently working on setting up one.

To contact them, you can try their e-mail address fijiliving@connect.com.fj or call Imraz Iqbal (former Fiji TV presenter and one of the magazine's founders) on +679 9922378.

Hope that suffices. Gilbert.

torika said...

Thank you Gilbert!

That's a great help.

Many thanks :)