20 April, 2006

Wedding services offered at new gift shop in Suva

A new gift and homeware shop, known as Zest, has opened in Suva at the Garden City Complex at Raiwai. Owned by Ms Cherie Oyagawa and her husband Justin Smith, the store offers catalogue buying, a wedding gift registry, corporate gift service, gift cards and even offers wedding services. Ms Oyagawa said that she found in her many years in the hotel industry that a lot more could be done to make weddings and the process of purchasing gifts easier. She said that from her experience in the industry, she found that the range of quality wedding gifts was very limited in Suva. Hence the birth of the gift registry idea. Guests go to the store for gifts and as they buy an item, they tick off the list left by the couple getting married to ensure that the couple does not get repeat gifts. Ms Oyagawa said the idea of bringing in contemporary homeware was born out of her own needs for fine homeware as she and her husband purchased, renovated and then rented several houses as an investment project. The contemporary items are for a minimalist look. Catalogue buying is another service offerred. The store deals with close to 15 suppliers with their merchandise available in catalogues for customers to choose from. Please visit the store when you're in Suva to check out their product range.

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