10 April, 2006

Internet Access Sites for Visitors to Suva

Arising from a request from one of our regular readers, Peceli and Wendy of Australia, we provide some information here on where visitors to Suva can have access to the Internet. A number of coffee shops in the city provides Internet access points including Kahawa's at the Suva Central Building. Just on the other side of the road from it, is The Roc where visitors can get access to the Internet through wireless connection points provided they bring their own notebooks/laptops. Internet kiosks are also available at Connect Fiji's Internet Cafe on the front of the Suva General Post Office Building and at the FINTEL office along Victoria Parade. A number of other places in the city and in the suburbs also provide Internet access, particularly at stationery or coffee shops. The rates charged are quite reasonable with something like F$5.00 for an hour of use. An option that visitors can also take is to hire portable wireless modems from Unwired Fiji, an Internet Provider, which they can use to access the Internet. However this service is only available in the Suva and Lami areas. My rental home, which is advertised by clicking on the appropriate links at the right hand side of this blog, will have a Personal Computer with ADSL access provided free for guests. For enquiries or bookings, please use the contact form on the website where you access the rental's information or e-mail me directly on gilbert@connect.com.fj.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Vina'a va'alevu for the information. This makes Suva very inviting for visitors who want to check email, etc.
There's an Adventure Island project getting organised for Vorovoro Island (near Labasa) which sounds interesting. I know it's not Suva, but it seems to be on the right track for eco-minded young visitors. Check it out at www.tribewanted.com/the-island.htm

W. and P.