06 April, 2006

Hyndai Fitness Centre - Fitness Programs

Here is the fitness program at Hyndai Fitness Centre over the next week.

  • Mondays - 9am, Step Aerobics; 1pm, Aerobics/ Yogalates; 5:30pm, Step Aerobics;
  • Tuesdays - 9am, Back to Basic/ Circuit Aerobics; 1pm, Aerobics; 5:30pm, Back to Basic/ Circuit Aerobics;
  • Wednesdays - 9am, Aerobics and Butt/Thigh; 1pm, Aerobics/ Yogalates; 5:30pm, Aerobics and Butt/ Thigh;
  • Thursdays - 9am, Body Step; 1pm, Aerobics/ Yogalates; 5:30pm, Body Step;
  • Fridays - 9am, Body Jam; 1pm, Aerobics; 5:30pm, Body Jam/ Body Attack;
  • Saturdays - 8am, Body Step/ Yogalates.

Call Hyndai Fitness Centre on +679 3312177, extension 128, for further information.

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