15 April, 2006

Gujaratis celebrate 100 years in Fiji

2006 marks the occasion of the arrival of the first Gujaratis into Fiji 100 years ago. The legacy that was started by the Girmitiyas in 1879 resulted in the first Gujaratis coming to Suva in 1906. The first two settlers were jewellers from Gujarat. They were followed by others who were tradesmen, farmers and merchants. The Gujarati community in Fiji has over the decades excelled in many ways and made significant contribution to the development of Fiji. They have participated in economic development, education, sports and social development of the country whilst preserving their natural heritage. Though small they have integrated well with all other communities in Fiji and is well respected for their legendary enterprise. This week they are hosting large scale celebrations to mark their 100th year in Fiji. Celebrations which kicks off in Lautoka this weekend will be followed by a road show which will conclude with celebrations in Suva in November. This weekend's celebrations will include sports, cultural shows and will showcase the lifestyle and the origin of Gujaratis. For the first time, teams from Australia and New Zealand are participating in the sports and cultural shows.

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