26 April, 2006

Flower Display on in Suva for the week

Flower growers from Rewa, Naulu, Tailevu, Naitasiri and Suva have converged on Suva for the annual Arbor Week. With its theme "Plant Trees for the Future", Arbor Week displays beside the seawall by the Suva Civic Centre have attracted a lot of buyers. The display started on Monday and ends Saturday. Many growers and sellers said that if the demand continued, they would ask the Suva City Council to extend the sale time as it did last year.


Tui said...

Bula Gilbert,

I have been following your blog and also your business site and they are really informative and well structured! Keep up the GOOD Work....Well onto the Flower Display in Suva, there is going to be another one next month, we are planning to have a display stall there, we specialize totally in Red Palms. It started off as a hobby and now it has grown to a bigger venture...You'll see if you decide to drop by...Vinaka great job!!

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Bula, Tui. Can you pls give us more details on the display on for next month so that we can post it on the blog. Vinaka.