12 April, 2006

City park gets a facelift

Work is being done to improve the image and looks of Sukuna Park, a park in central Suva. The project is part of initiatives to promote Suva as a tourist destination. Work being done includes putting in a new fountain, lifting the image of Ratu Sukuna (a late Fijian statesman and chief after whom the park is named) by about a meter and providing more seats for the public near the fountain. Two park officials will also patrol the park now to caution people against littering and to clean the park's gardens. The park is used both by locals and tourists in an area surrounded by concrete buildings. It is along the Suva foreshore area. The park plays host to functions and displays in the city. Close to the park is the Tiko's Floating Restaurant which provides a good range of seafood cuisine and is a bit highly priced to match its quality and surroundings.

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