10 March, 2006

Queen Elizabeth II to open Great Council of Chiefs Complex

Queen Elizabeth II will be invited to open the new Great Council of Chiefs complex at Draiba, Suva, next year. The new complex would be completed at the end of the year and will be opened in February 2007. Two monuments will be placed in front of the new complex to commemorate Fiji's Deed of Cession and the arrival of Christianity. The chiefs have agreed in their recent meeting that a commemorative stone of the Deed of Cession Document and a stylish reproduction of the tablet of the ten commandments are to be built in front of the complex. The chief's also agreed that important information about Fiji be engraved inside the complex including the country's motto, "Fear the Lord and Respect the Queen". The complex will be decorated with traditional artifacts and proper landscaping. As a source of revenue, the new complex's meeting house and the members lounge will be hired out for regional and international meetings at F$2,500 a day.

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