04 March, 2006

Arts Village expects a boom

The Arts Village at Pacific Harbour, close to Suva, expects to enjoy a resurgence in business as a result of several capital projects about to open by the end of this month. The Village was formerly a cultural centre before Australian businessman Eric Roberts bought the property two years ago and renovated the centre as a tourist attraction. The Arts Village dance group performs traditional games, meke and enactment of tribal wars daily for tourists and guests. Sometimes they perform twice a day if there are a lot of tourists. Other activities on display include pottery making, plaiting of mats and other traditional gifts made from pandanus.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Pacific Harbour has had a chequered history, sometimes it is a dull place, then there is a resurgence. The villas of course are very nice and I always enjoy staying at my son's place there. The google top sites though are just about selling property or the top hotels. One of the backpacker websites just won't open properly for me - something 'sulu'. And that's what I'm interested in rather than the classy expensive places - not that I ever stay in hotels except low-tariff places such at the West Motor Inn in Nadi. It's good to hear that the Cultural Centre has been revamped at Pacific Harbour.