03 February, 2006

Suva Reefs

This is where it all began for Scubahire Limited and thousands of avid divers in the early 1970's! "Every Duke and Earl and Peer was here, Everyone who should be here was here" ... (My Fair Lady) Suva is a 'City of Surprises' with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. Visit tranquil Thurston Gardens, the Museum, stroll along the waterfront past Government House. Fish Patch - Just 15 minutes by dive boat from Suva, this half-day dive takes in breath-taking coral-heads which tower to within 10 feet of the surface, then drop off in a vertical face to over 1,000 feet. The greatest coral "wall" in the South Pacific, festooned with black coral trees and huge stands of gorgonia. On top of the coral heads, divers hand-feed the thousands of reef fish which gather for their daily meal. Here lies the huge anchor from the square-rigger "Woosung" - the entire area is an underwater photographer's delight. An incredibly versatile dive spot for the experienced diver, the novice and the snorkler. 'Nam Hae Point' - Named for the much-photographed Taiwanese fishing boat that sits high and dry on top of the reef. But below, the Main Suva Reef is honeycombed with gutters, tunnels and caves. Sharp eyes and a torch spot the crayfish in the holes and you might be lucky enough to see the big nurse shark that lazes through this underwater labyrinth. We shouldn't tell you, but two Golden Cowries have been found in this area. For bookings, contact Scubahire Ltd/Beqa Divers Fiji, on telephone +679 336l088 or e-mail divefiji@connect.com.fj.

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