10 February, 2006

Outrigger Canoeing this Saturday

The Outrigger Fiji will hold its second sprint regatta at the Fiji Development Bank foreshore on Saturday, 11 February, starting at 8am. Events are expected to continue to after 1pm. This sport was recently just introduced to Fiji but has picked up interest over the years. There are a few clubs that form the core part of competition. Suva business houses usually have friendly competitions during the year. The place where this is held is the area in front of the Suva City Centre/Town Hall up to the area in front of the Fiji Development Bank. One can even watch the races just sitting on the sea wall in front of Sukuna Park and leading up to the wharf and Suva market. This should be a good start on Saturday for any tourists in Suva before they go around to the Suva or Flea Markets or just walkabout the city. As the Saturday events to continue to after 1pm, you can even buy some takeaway lunch and enjoy it under the trees lining up the sea wall area while you watch the races. There are other sporting events around the city on the day as well. Please check the list of Upcoming Events for details.

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