08 February, 2006

New Helicopter Services soon in Suva

Taken from an article in the Fiji Times. A Canadian businessman has joined in partnership with a local company to set up helicopter services from Nausori Airport - the international/domestic airport near Suva. Services, to start off with 5 helicopters, will cover tourism, communication, medical evacuation, search and rescue. Rates for helicopter hire are scheduled to start from F$1,100 to F$5,500 depending on the size of the helicopter. Note from GV : This new service would open up a diverse range of activities that tourists can enjoy when they choose Suva as their holiday destination. There are many, many little islands off Suva and the surrounding areas which can be viewed from above. One of these is Nukulau Island which was a former picnic location with white sandy beach just directly off the east coast of the Suva peninsular. Nukulau Island is now being used as an island prison for those convicted of staging the civilian coup in 2000. A flight in-land from Nausori airport should also provide amazing scenery of rainforests and rivers, interspersed with tiny villages.

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