23 February, 2006

Mixed feelings over bed tax

There have been continued discussions regarding Government's proposed bed tax for hotels. At present, there have been talks between hotel industry associations and Government to institute only a turnover tax rather than a bed tax. One source asked why hotels in particular were targeted. He said that if Government wished to introduce that tax, then all tourism entities including tours, tourist transport and cruises be required to pay the tax. The source said Fiji's main tourism market - Australia and New Zealand - would be affected by the tax. Government in the meantime has passed a hotel tax bill which will reintroduce a turnover tax as was in place before 1992. This bill gives government the power to charge tax on turnover hotels would record in a financial year. Note from GV : The proposed bed tax only applies to hotels. This means that there may be a likely rise in hotel rates. It does not apply to other accommodations provided by individuals. For affordable long term accommodation in Suva, check the links on the right side of this page.

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