05 February, 2006

Kiwis flock to Fiji

Taken from a Fiji Times article. The number of New Zealanders coming to Fiji has increased by 10.2% since 2001. Director of Marketing for the Fiji Visitors Bureau said Fiji was now a top destination for New Zealanders. In 2000, 49,000 New Zealanders visited Fiji. This increased to 109,000 in 2005. Fiji Visitors Bureau said that New Zealanders were holidaying and investing in Fiji in greater numbers than before. One of the reasons for the increase in visitor arrivals was the strength of the New Zealand dollar. In addition to that, Air Pacific and Freedom Air's Bula airfares are cheaper and affordable to many New Zealanders. New Zealand deputy high commissioner to Fiji said that another reason maybe that Fiji is a closer destination to NZ which makes it easier for them. Fiji Visitors Bureau is expecting an increase of 5 per cent of visitor arrivals from New Zealand this year.

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