22 February, 2006

Benefits flow both ways

Summarised from an article in The Fiji Times. Fiji gains much from the visits of famous people to our shores. A visit by one of these people tends to increase Fiji's marketability and make it more attractive to people who want to come and see for themselves why famous people choose to come here. The country has played host to famous people like Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Madonna, Britney Spears with husband Kevin Federline, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, Russell Crowe, Penelope Cruz and Tom Hanks. Mel Gibson recently bought an island in the Lau Group and is now working on building and furnishing his lodgings there. Raymond Burr, the deceased Hollywood actor, used to own an island in Fiji as well. These are just a few of the big names of the entertainment world who have tasted Fiji's wondrous paradise of isolation where their privacy is of utmost priority, exclusivity is guaranteed for a price and breath taking beauty. The country, earlier this week, saw off Tom Cruise and his fiancee Katie Holmes after they spent a few days at Wakaya, an exclusive resort used by most of these visitors. Note from GV : The country has a range of accommodation, facilities and tours that can satisfy a broad range of visitors from very up market, to middle-of-the-range, right down to backpackers. Just search for something that fits you.

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