15 January, 2006

Sunday Feasts

Most Fijian households save their best meals for Sundays. A typical itinerary for Sundays is to go to the morning church service, come back home and sit down to a big lunch. After lunch, household members have a siesta before they get up to check the pots again at around 3 or 4pm local time. After that extra fill, it is time again for the evening church service. If you talk with any Fijian regarding their Sunday lunch, they will say that it is the best that they look forward to in the week. The spread is usually filled with a large variety of Fijian ethnic cuisine that most members of the household do not get to eat during the week. Over the years, this spread has been complemented with Chinese and Indian dishes. The lunch is usually supplemented with ethnic Fijian desserts - a favourite for guests who stayed at my vacation/holiday rental was "vudi vakasoso" i.e. ripe plantain cooked in coconut milk with the inside sliced and filled with grated coconut. This is often chilled for serving. If you want to sit in for one of these lunches, make friends with a Fijian and then get them to invite you to their home on Sunday. It's an experience that you will not forget in a long while.

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