24 January, 2006

School Year Starts Today

The 2006 school year starts today with our children going back to school. This also means that the traffic in Suva and surrounding areas will be busy compared to the weeks of the school holidays, particularly from around 7 am to 8.30 am and from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. There is a little lull before traffic gets busy again with commuters going back home from work. There are a number of schools in the Suva and greater Suva area with one almost at every neighbourhood. Why don't you go and visit a school one day this week? Take some school stationery giveaways or offer to take some classes as a volunteer. As Georgina Worthington of the UK said in her report, it's quite an experience and the children are very respectful. Yes, they still call you Sir or Ma'am! If you have a family and thinking of taking up residence in Suva for a while, we have the International School at Laucala Beach which offers school programs from other countries for its students. Most expatriates have their children there. Otherwise, put them in one of our local schools. Our school programs are also internationally compatible. For any further questions, call our Ministry of Education headquaters on +679 3314 477.

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