14 January, 2006

Saturdays and Sports

It's Saturday in Suva - the day the city usually has most of its sports meetings and competitions. As it is currently the Rugby 7s season in Fiji, you will find a few 7s competitions happening around Suva, including the greater Suva area, as well as around the country. Albert Park and Post Fiji Stadium and the school grounds along Queen Elizabeth Drive usually host most of these meets. Albert Park is situated next to the Government Buildings and opposite the old Grand Pacific Hotel. The Post Fiji Stadium is situated at the National Sporting Complex along Laucala Bay Road. If you care for other sports, netball is usually played at Thurston Courts, just on the other side of Albert Park, or at the outdoor courts at the National Sporting Complex at Laucala Bay. Tennis can be found at Victoria Courts along Knollys Street. Soccer is played at a number of small parks around the city (if they are club games) or the Post Fiji Stadium if the Suva team is hosting a game. Swimming (not competitive) can be found at the Olympic Pool behind the Suva City Library or at the National Aquatic Centre, National Sporting Complex, Laucala Bay. You can find almost any sport being played in Suva and most often on Saturdays. If you are a sports lover, pick your favourite sports and take a walk, bus or taxi to the venue. Enjoy. For the less active who prefer exercising at their own pace, the Hyndai Fitness Centre at the National Sporting Complex is a good place to be. It charges only FJD3.00 per entry and you can take your time trying out their wide range of exercise equipment. Any problems? Just ask the ever friendly staff there to help you out. There you go, enjoy!

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