17 January, 2006

Eating Out in Suva

Eating out in Suva is a very affordable experience compared to other tourist centres like Nadi. The cost of a good meal in Suva together with a soft drink can be below FJD5.00 at various places in the city and its surrounding suburbs. A simple meal in a Nadi takeaway would set you back at least FJD20.00 (per person). Suva also has a wide variety of cuisine from ethnic Fijian, Indian, Chinese, Asian and from other international countries. Two places that offer a good variety of food are the FNPF Boulevard and FNPF Dolphins Plaza. These places have food courts that serve a good range of dishes that would suit anyone's taste. Dining there is also affordable if you want to keep within your budget. For those that have more capacity (mmmm...... yes, some of us do!), a number of places around the city serve buffet. Two places I recommend include : The Vineyard and Holiday Inn. The Vineyard, located in the Old Town Hall and next to the city council offices, serves buffet lunch at less than FJD10.00 per person. Lunch there does not come with dessert or coffee/tea, which you have to pay for separately. The Holiday Inn serves buffet lunch at less than FJD25.00 per person and has a wider range of dishes. The salads there are superb! What you pay at the Holiday Inn includes dessert and coffee/tea. It is a good place to meet, or just sit next a table occupied by local well-placed people, and overhear the latest social news in Suva. Nearer my rental home, Valelevu has a good selection of restaurants and a food court where you can go to. Those restaurants/food court are just next to supermarkets and the open markets where you can buy your groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables. Right now Fiji is already in the season for mangoes, pineapples and watermelons. Local oranges are coming up soon. Where should you buy these? Go to the open markets. You can get them there, cheap!

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